Who Takes Pictures of Airports?

Posted On: January 5, 2019

I’ll get to the answer to the question, “Who takes pictures in airports?” in a second. First, an update: Jody and I are on our way — Saipan or bust! We left lots of snow and -10 C temperatures in North Bay on Thursday, January 3. We’ve transited through three airports since then and are now in Seoul, South Korea.

Vancouver International

So . . .  you take pictures of airports when (1) you’re trying to document your journey and all you’ve seen is airports and (2) when two of the airports have won awards as the “best airport in the world.” Vancouver’s international terminal does an amazing job of disguising the fact that you’re even in an airport.

In relaxing lounge area, a classical guitarist played calming music while nearby a giant aquarium, ten feet high by ten feet wide, attracted travelers of all ages to watch the fish.




Jody and I enjoyed the music, the ambience and our late morning pre-flight coffee, tea, and pastry, while checking in with life in the cyberworld.

Incheon Airport, Seoul

Incheon is the superstar of airports, winning airport of the year 11 years in a row with a golf course, spa, an ice skating rink, a casino, indoor gardens and transit area for people like us who need a place to hang out during sometimes lengthy layovers. Our favorite part of the transit area has to be this:


Next Stop: Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Our flight to Saipan has been delayed by two hours on this Saturday night. So what’s new? If there are no other delays, we’ll be on Saipan by around 4 a.m. Sunday, January 6th (7 p.m. EST on Saturday).

So where in the world is this island called Saipan?