The Interview – “Life Is” with Peter Handley

Posted On: May 31, 2018

“Life Is” with Peter Handley interview


My conversation with Peter Handley was broadcast on Cogeco TV here in the North Bay area on Wednesday, May 16, as well as Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20. As I mentioned in the previous post, we have no television at home, but our friends, Rick and Christine, did record the program and sent me the audio clip below.

I hope you enjoy listening in to the interview; I welcome any thoughts or comments you might have after listening.



Here are a few highlights:

0:00 – 3:30 — Peter starts off asking about my religious upbringing and family background.

3:35 – 7:10 — We talk about my memories of growing up in Cleveland when I was an avid sports fan. It turns out that Peter, growing up near Kingston, Ontario, could listen to Cleveland Indians’ games on AM radio, so we briefly reminisced about Cleveland’s sports teams and players of the 1950s and 1960s.

10:00 – 12:35 — Our conversation turns to the Peace Corps, my decision to volunteer, and how the experience changed me.

16:50 – 22:15 — I talk about my role in the Peace Corps as an English teacher, coach and player and how my immersion in Micronesian culture changed my attitude about playing sports and games.

Seasoned: A Memoir of Grief and Grace22:50 – 26:00 — Peter shifts the conversation focus to Seasoned and its development from a personal grief recovery project to be read by my family into a book for a wider audience. The program concludes with information about where people can obtain a copy of the book.