Readers’ Comments

Readers’ comments about Seasoned: A Memoir of Grief and Grace:

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Best book we’ve ever read

Dick [my husband] and I feel that your book of memoirs was the best book we have ever read. Your dedication to researching everything that happened, people’s feelings, your feelings, family feelings, etc. made the book so very interesting. I laughed at some things, cried at others and worried about you finally getting closure after all of these years. Jean (Nixie) Linn, Westlake, Ohio


Well-written Memoir

“This is a well-written memoir by a man willing to share how many of the choices he made early in life proved to be misguided. . . . This is a narrative anyone who has experienced death (of a sibling, or other close family member) can relate to.” Michael Varga, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Chad), author of Under Chad’s Spell


Courageous and compelling story

“I found your story courageous and compelling. I thought the narrative moved along at a good pace and came deftly to a satisfying conclusion. Congratulations. Writing and soul searching are not activities for the faint of heart!” Margaret Deutekom, North Bay, Ontario


Enjoying your book immensely!

“Tom, I am enjoying your book immensely! For me, it is a page turner, not because I want to get to the end quickly, but because I am enjoying your story so much–the memories your book is calling back to me of childhood years long gone and the wonderful written expression. Your telling of the tragic loss of your brother and your life before and your survival and growing during and afterwards is told with grace. Your writing style is flawless, your use of imagery excellent and together they work in the interesting, at times humorous, telling that is the narrative of your life.” Cathy McCallum, North Bay, Ontario


Giving words to silenced grief

“With grace, humour and understanding, this book explores the repercussions of the silenced grief of a young person. It reminds us of the importance of giving words to the profound experiences of our lives, and allowing space to mine the depths to find the presence of God in the unimaginable. It is a gentle book to read, but images and insights will linger long after the last page is finished.” Ven. Marie Loewen, North Bay, Ontario


Thanks for sharing your story

“I can imagine that this book will be helpful to adults who grew up with a similar tragedy and a similar (don’t talk) family. It takes so many years to heal when one is not allowed to grieve, and not everyone does heal. Thanks, Tom, for sharing your story.” Susan Schaefer, Chicago, Illinois


Finished in one sitting

“I cannot remember the last time I read a book in one sitting. Need I say more? Perhaps it was because I too lost a brother in a horrific car crash. Perhaps it was because I too have lived with this fact for over thirty years, and this story written by Tom Zink is all about his journey well into many decades after he lost his own brother. . . . To come full circle is to complete a journey or perhaps to begin another one– this time with some of the answers. . . . I just found the book easy to read, easy to relate to and now very easy to recommend to others.” Lee Rush, Quakertown, Pennsylvania (posted on



Ted Goble is a friend of mine from our Peace Corps days on Saipan and a fellow Clevelander. Ted decided to be extremely generous when he ordered the book and sent along a one hundred trillion dollar bill. Thank you, Ted, for the generous “cash” infusion. Check it out:

Could be handy next time I visit Zimbabwe!


“Bravo!  Few people have the strength and the will to tackle their inner demons in such a personal and deep way on the road to catharsis.” Wayne Hill, Santa Fe, New Mexico