Saipan Dispatch #5: The 2nd Radio Interview

Posted On: February 25, 2019

“Your Humanities Half-Hour” talk show

In Saipan Dispatch #3 I mentioned that after our first radio talk show on KKMP on the Wednesday of our week on Saipan, I met Catherine Perry, Lino Olopai’s friend from the Northern Marianas Humanities Council. Cat asked if she could interview Lino and me about the Peace Corps years on Saipan and to talk about my memoir, Seasoned. I noted that I would post the link to her show, “Your Humanities Half-Hour,” as soon as I got it. Yesterday it showed up in my Inbox.

The microphones were playing hooky that day at the radio station, so this interview was done on Catherine’s iPhone. It’s posted on the Humanities Council’s You Tube channel. You can listen to it here. The date posted with the recording (January 13, 2019) is the actual day of broadcast. Enjoy!