Saipan Dispatch #2: on the radio

Posted On: January 13, 2019

KKMP Radio Talk Show

Joe “Ping” Limes is a frequent guest on a radio talk show on KKMP Saipan (92.1 FM, 1440 AM). As soon as we arrived on Sunday, Ping started hatching a plan for Lino Olopai and Jody and me to join him on the talk show on Wednesday morning at 7:30. He wanted us to share some stories and a song or two about Saipan back in the day when the Peace Corps was here. Many Chamorros and Carolinians on the island remember those times and, as we found out afterwards, many listened to that morning’s program.

Jody took a quick photo of us in the studio. Left to right are Lino Olopai, Ping Limes (partially hidden by a microphone), Gary, the host, and me.


I hope you enjoy this audio track of the show. Gary introduces Joe as “Ping Limes” (like the fruit) and Lino Olopai as “Tata Lino,” a term of respect for elders. The singing begins at about the 22-minute mark. For those who have read my book, Seasoned, some of the stories will be familiar.