The Journey – Day Seventeen

Posted On: October 21, 2017

Thursday, October 5, 2017 – Bandelier National Monument


The caravan of RPCV reunion vehicles headed west of Santa Fe on Thursday morning to Bandelier National Monument. In the time we had available, there were two choices for hiking into Frijoles Canyon. The Main Loop Trail led through archeological sites. An alternate trail led to Alcove House, located 140 feet above the floor of Frijoles Canyon. Once home to approximately 25 Ancestral Pueblo people, the elevated site is now reached by four wooden ladders and a number of stone stairs.

Alcove House and its ladders
Alcove Trail warning sign












Climbing Ladders


Lino, Beth and I—along with Wayne and Julius, our Santa Fe hosts and guides, and Tom and Peg Fisher—were among the seven intrepid hikers, who navigated our way up the stairs and nearly vertical ladders to the Alcove. . . .

Lino (purple shirt) and Beth (blue shirt) ascend a ladder
Tom on his way up to the Alcove












. . . and were quite pleased with ourselves afterwards.


Lino, Beth and Tom after Bandelier climb


Micro 7 Reunion Dinner


The group I began Peace Corps service with in 1968 was the seventh group recruited for Micronesia. Known as Micro VII, we were the largest cadre sent to the islands to that point. On Thursday evening, Beth and I joined the other members of Micro VII for dinner at the Inn at Santa Fe. There were slides, movies, and “remember when?” stories to fill an evening. Tom Fisher brought a digital version of his 8 mm film of the 1969 Microlympics (see page 130) in which many of us were involved.