Bonus Scenes: Chapter 1, “Beginnings”

Posted On: May 4, 2017

Many of Tom’s ancestors listed in The Zink and Zucker Family Tree on page ix played important parts in this story. These “Bonus Scenes” for Chapter 1 will fill in some of the visual history of Tom’s forebears.

The Zucker family ready to board the ship to India.

Sailing to India, 1921

Tom’s mother, Charlotte Zucker, was carried aboard a passenger ship bound for India by her missionary father when she was only 18 months old. Prior to boarding, this photo of the Zucker family and other missionary families was taken. That’s Charlotte’s father wearing a bow tie and a rumpled fedora in the upper left. The scene is described on page 3 of the book.




Al & Charlotte wedding day
Al & Charlotte Zink’s wedding day, June 1942


Tom’s Parents’ Wedding Day, 1942

After two years of a long-distance relationship that began with a blind date, Al and Charlotte Zink were married on June 10, 1942. Read more about this event on page 10.


The “Green Hornet,” 1948-1951

Tom’s parents bought their first car six years after they were married. The 1940 two-door Chevy coupe’s official color was “piedmont green.” They nicknamed it the Green Hornet, after the masked crime fighter on a popular radio drama series. Three years later, with their family growing, they said a fond farewell to the Green Hornet. Read more about the Green Hornet’s three wonderful years in Tom’s family on pages 19 and 20. Here’s what the Green Hornet would have looked like:

The Green Hornet

The DeSoto Suburban, 1951-1955

Read more about this brown bomb of a family car that was so long Tom’s dad had to extend the back wall of his garage on page 20.

The back doors opened to the rear
The Suburban’s full length was 19 feet
Steve & Tom rode on the rear jump seats.