Bonus Scenes: Chapter 6, “Moving On” (Part 2)

Posted On: July 23, 2017

Oleai Elementary School The school where Tom taught in his first Peace Corps year had been a Japanese communications center before and during World War Two (page 118). Students from kindergarten to grade 7 walked to school here from their homes in the village. This is the only photo known to exist of Tom Zink teaching his students at Oleai…

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Bonus Scenes: Chapter 6, “Moving On”

Posted On: July 14, 2017

Micronesian Airlines flight from Guam to Rota Perhaps you read the description on page 109 of the flight from Guam to Rota and found it hard to believe that ten Peace Corps trainees plus two years of luggage could fit into the twin-engine Beechcraft. It did happen and here’s photographic proof:                  …

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Bonus Scenes: Chapter 4, “Taking Away”

Posted On: July 13, 2017

How the news was spread to relatives Extended family who lived at some distance from Cleveland received the news of Steve’s death by telegram. Here is a copy of the original telegram sent by the Zink family’s pastor, Reverend Paul Streufert (page 71).           Al Zink’s creative handiwork Al Zink, Tom’s father, was a mechanical engineer…

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Bonus Scenes: Chapter 3, “Trying”

Posted On: July 11, 2017

Chapter 3, “Trying”, shows how the Zink brothers’ interests, hobbies, and skills were leading them in different directions. Steve loved making things with his hands. Tom’s first love was team sports.   Playing basketball versus test-driving Steve’s go-kart The scene on pages 55 and 56 describes the “blending” of their divergent interests. Here are a couple photos that illustrate the…

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Bonus Scenes: Chapter 2, “Growing”

Posted On: June 23, 2017

Our Colson Tricycle Bicycles always had a place in family lore. Dad zipped through his Baltimore neighborhood on his bicycle, delivering his newspapers. Two days after they met in Valpo on their historic blind date, Mom and Dad rented a bicycle built for two. And Dad introduced Steve to self-propelled vehicular transport on a big Colson tricycle made in nearby…

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Bonus Scenes: Chapter 1, “Beginnings”

Posted On: May 4, 2017

Many of Tom’s ancestors listed in The Zink and Zucker Family Tree on page ix played important parts in this story. These “Bonus Scenes” for Chapter 1 will fill in some of the visual history of Tom’s forebears. Sailing to India, 1921 Tom’s mother, Charlotte Zucker, was carried aboard a passenger ship bound for India by her missionary father when…

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