Reading from Chapter 6: Living in Oleai

Posted On: July 11, 2017

At his Author Talk on May 16, 2017, in North Bay, Ontario, Tom Zink read a section from Chapter 6, “Moving On.” Tom’s description of how he began to learn the ways of a communal island culture is found on pages 121 and 122.  

“Good Enough for Me,” a simple, self-assertive song

Posted On: June 21, 2017

Tom Zink concluded his Author Talk at the North Bay Library on May 16, 2017, by “reading” one of his own original songs. “Good Enough for Me” is easy to learn, fun to sing, and conveys a simple, lighthearted way to stand up for yourself. Many thanks to Tessa Wood for recording this. You can read the story about how…

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