Bonus Scenes: Chapter 3, “Trying”

Posted On: July 11, 2017

Chapter 3, “Trying”, shows how the Zink brothers’ interests, hobbies, and skills were leading them in different directions. Steve loved making things with his hands. Tom’s first love was team sports.


Playing basketball versus test-driving Steve’s go-kart

The scene on pages 55 and 56 describes the “blending” of their divergent interests. Here are a couple photos that illustrate the scene.


Steve’s go-kart invention: a self-propelled lawn mower with home-made “trailer.”
This is the basketball hoop where Steve and Tom played out their sibling rivalry. (Here, their sister Kelly shoots the ball.)














Boy Scouts

In Chapter 3, “Trying”, you also met the “Welded Wanderer” on page 61. This was the old GMC school bus that Steve’s Boy Scout troop transformed into the “Welded Wanderer.” Emblazoned on the side of the bus was the troop’s motto and ultimate destination in New Mexico—“Simmer On to Cimarron.”

From Westlake, Ohio, to Cimarron, New Mexico, and back again, August 1960: The “Welded Wanderer”


Going swimming at Wallace Lake

A favorite picture of Dad heading to the Zinks’ favorite swimmin’ hole, Wallace Lake beach in Berea, Ohio.

Dad loaded with beach gear


Steve’s confirmation day


Steve’s confirmation class, May 1959

Steve and his good friend, Wayne Peters, were confirmed with 9 others in May 1959 (page 53). Wayne is on the left end of the front row, and Steve is in the top row, second from left. Years later, Wayne would look again at this photo, note the tilt to Steve’s head and the slight smirk on his face (page 210), and declare, “There he is, just being his rascally self!”