About the Author: Tom Zink

Tom Zink grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, and went to college at Valparaiso University in Indiana.

Tom at home on Saipan

Adventure called and Tom answered, haring off across the Pacific Ocean to the island of Saipan in Micronesia, where he taught English as a Second Language with the Peace Corps in the late 1960s.

Tom’s peripatetic lifestyle in succeeding years led to several cross-country moves and to jobs as a pre-school music and movement teacher, a daycare center director, part-time farm hand, child care counselor, summer camp counselor, and city parks and recreation director. In the late 1970s, Tom worked weekends as a New Games trainer, and weekdays as director of an urban, mobile arts program called the Activity Truck.

When Tom became a parent in the mid-1980s, he helped organize the Northampton Parents Center in western Massachusetts, while doing research for his doctoral degree on humor in parenting at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. After completing his degree, he worked in public health in Massachusetts and Ontario for twenty-two years up until his retirement in 2010.

Tom Zink Author Photo

Tom is currently not retired from being a husband, father, grandfather, brother, cousin, uncle, musician, bicyclist, gardener and other pursuits yet to be discovered. Tom lives with his wife, Beth Hewson, in North Bay, Ontario.